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Pisces Logo two fish on top of a ramen bowl
Chef Josh You

Pisces Poke & Ramen was established in 2018.


Is to create a sustainable chain of Poke & Ramen restaurants all across the nation. 

Chef Joshua You spent over a decade as a sushi chef, perfecting his own recipes as he honed his skills. These recipes are showcased in our menu at Pisces Poke & Ramen. They're meant to be eaten as-is to ensure the combination of flavors is just right.


Today, Pisces Poke & Ramen is the #2 Highest Rated Restaurant in ALL of U.S.A. on Yelp 2020! Chef Joshua You, the man behind our restaurant, begins each morning at the market choosing the freshest fish. He's an experienced sushi chef, so he knows exactly what to look for. This is the starting point for our poke at Pisces. From here, we combine Joshua's choice cuts with other amazing ingredients to create our signature dishes. Each recipe comes with its sauces and accompaniments picked out in advance to ensure the most vibrant flavors. The Ramen bone broth is boiled over 18 hours to make sure it comes out creamy and earthy, as it should be. Chashu pork is brined for 24 hours, Marinated 24 hours, then vaccum sealed and Sous-vide over for 72 hours to ensure it melts in your mouth upon eating. Every Ramen flavor is fusioned with tradition and Chef Joshua's take on what Ramen should taste like. We also offer other convenient options like hand rolls, musubi and salads, all of which are served with eco-friendly utensils. We've taken care of every last detail in order to give you a thoughtful experience -- one full of creativity, passion, and Poke & Ramen worth coming back for.


Truffle Salmon
Stir Fried Udon
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